Very bodily function requires the presence of minerals. It is almost identical to blood plasma therefore it is essential for good health.

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UNLIFOODS MARKETING INC. (UFMI) is a hope-bringer in an industry created for every person to have equal opportunities to succeed regardless of financial status, education, race and pre-condition. Network Marketing is our choice of distribution to reach more people in more places at the soonest.

UFMI is committed to operate with integrity, professionalism, respect and simplicity in this budding industry that has been dominated by scams, deception, over-claims and over-hyped dreams. We still believe in the system of network marketing as a vehicle for every individual to have an equal shot at their success!

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Core Values

Core Values define the culture of our Company and are integral to our definition of success.

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We have too many products to show them all here. Instead, we have listed some of our more popular items.

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Boying Tullao - Farmer in Panagasinan